João Conde
João Conde
Assistant Professor at NOVA Medical School, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
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Noble metal nanoparticles for biosensing applications
G Doria, J Conde, B Veigas, L Giestas, C Almeida, M Assunção, J Rosa, ...
Sensors 12 (2), 1657-1687, 2012
Noble metal nanoparticles applications in cancer
J Conde, G Doria, P Baptista
Journal of drug delivery 2012, 2012
Revisiting 30 years of biofunctionalization and surface chemistry of inorganic nanoparticles for nanomedicine
J Conde, JT Dias, V Grazú, M Moros, PV Baptista, JM de la Fuente
Frontiers in chemistry 2, 48, 2014
Local triple-combination therapy results in tumour regression and prevents recurrence in a colon cancer model
J Conde, N Oliva, Y Zhang, N Artzi
Nature materials 15 (10), 1128-1138, 2016
Design of Multifunctional Gold Nanoparticles for In Vitro and In Vivo Gene Silencing
J Conde, A Ambrosone, V Sanz, Y Hernandez, V Marchesano, F Tian, ...
ACS nano 6 (9), 8316-8324, 2012
In vivo tumor targeting via nanoparticle-mediated therapeutic siRNA coupled to inflammatory response in lung cancer mouse models
J Conde, F Tian, Y Hernández, C Bao, D Cui, KP Janssen, MR Ibarra, ...
Biomaterials 34 (31), 7744-7753, 2013
Self-assembled RNA-triple-helix hydrogel scaffold for microRNA modulation in the tumour microenvironment
J Conde, N Oliva, M Atilano, HS Song, N Artzi
Nature materials 15 (3), 353-363, 2016
Dual-Color Emissive Upconversion Nanocapsules for Differential Cancer Bioimaging In Vivo
OS Kwon, HS Song, J Conde, H Kim, N Artzi, JH Kim
ACS nano 10 (1), 1512-1521, 2016
Gold-nanobeacons for simultaneous gene specific silencing and intracellular tracking of the silencing events
J Conde, J Rosa, M Jesús, PV Baptista
Biomaterials 34 (10), 2516-2523, 2013
Dual targeted immunotherapy via in vivo delivery of biohybrid RNAi‐peptide nanoparticles to tumor‐associated macrophages and cancer cells
J Conde, C Bao, Y Tan, D Cui, ER Edelman, HS Azevedo, HJ Byrne, ...
Advanced functional materials 25 (27), 4183-4194, 2015
Implantable hydrogel embedded dark-gold nanoswitch as a theranostic probe to sense and overcome cancer multidrug resistance
J Conde, N Oliva, N Artzi
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (11), E1278-E1287, 2015
Gold-nanobeacons for gene therapy: evaluation of genotoxicity, cell toxicity and proteome profiling analysis
J Conde, M Larguinho, A Cordeiro, LR Raposo, PM Costa, S Santos, ...
Nanotoxicology 8 (5), 521-532, 2014
Antibody–drug gold nanoantennas with Raman spectroscopic fingerprints for in vivo tumour theranostics
J Conde, C Bao, D Cui, PV Baptista, F Tian
Journal of Controlled Release 183, 87-93, 2014
Fullerene: Biomedical engineers get to revisit an old friend
S Goodarzi, T Da Ros, J Conde, F Sefat, M Mozafari
Materials Today 20 (8), 460-480, 2017
RNA quantification using gold nanoprobes-application to cancer diagnostics
J Conde, JM de la Fuente, PV Baptista
Journal of nanobiotechnology 8 (1), 5, 2010
Association of common variants in mismatch repair genes and breast cancer susceptibility: a multigene study
J Conde, SN Silva, AP Azevedo, V Teixeira, JE Pina, J Rueff, JF Gaspar
BMC cancer 9 (1), 344, 2009
Gold nanostars for efficient in vitro and in vivo real-time SERS detection and drug delivery via plasmonic-tunable Raman/FTIR imaging
F Tian, J Conde, C Bao, Y Chen, J Curtin, D Cui
Biomaterials 106, 87-97, 2016
Revisiting the classification of NIR-absorbing/emitting nanomaterials for in vivo bioapplications
TM Liu, J Conde, T Lipiński, A Bednarkiewicz, CC Huang
NPG Asia Materials 8 (8), e295-e295, 2016
Genotoxic effects of occupational exposure to lead and influence of polymorphisms in genes involved in lead toxicokinetics and in DNA repair
J García-Lestón, J Roma-Torres, M Vilares, R Pinto, J Prista, JP Teixeira, ...
Environment international 43, 29-36, 2012
3D hydrogel scaffold doped with 2D graphene materials for biosensors and bioelectronics
HS Song, OS Kwon, JH Kim, J Conde, N Artzi
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 187-200, 2017
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