Antonio Aloi
Antonio Aloi
Associate Scientist Microscopy - DSM
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Potential enthalpic energy of water in oils exploited to control supramolecular structure
NJ Van Zee, B Adelizzi, MFJ Mabesoone, X Meng, A Aloi, RH Zha, M Lutz, ...
Nature 558 (7708), 100-103, 2018
Supramolecular block copolymers under thermodynamic control
B Adelizzi, A Aloi, AJ Markvoort, HMM Ten Eikelder, IK Voets, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (23), 7168-7175, 2018
iPAINT: a general approach tailored to image the topology of interfaces with nanometer resolution
A Aloi, N Vilanova, L Albertazzi, IK Voets
Nanoscale 8, 8712-8716, 2016
Interaction of ice binding proteins with ice, water and ions
IKV Anneloes S. Oude Vrijelijk, Antonio Aloi, Luuk L. C. Olijve
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Painting supramolecular polymers in organic solvents by super-resolution microscopy
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Imaging nanostructures by single-molecule localization microscopy in organic solvents
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Morphological evolution of complex coacervate core micelles revealed by iPAINT microscopy
A Aloi, C Guibert, LLC Olijve, IK Voets
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Excitation-Dependent Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of Colloidal TiO2 Nanorods in Organic Solvent
L Triggiani, A Brunetti, A Aloi, R Comparelli, ML Curri, A Agostiano, ...
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Super-resolution microscopy on single particles at fluid interfaces reveals their wetting properties and interfacial deformations
A Aloi, N Vilanova, L Isa, AM De Jong, IK Voets
Nanoscale 11 (14), 6654-6661, 2019
Multivalent patchy colloids for quantitative 3D self-assembly studies
M Kamp, B De Nijs, MN Van Der Linden, I De Feijter, MJ Lefferts, A Aloi, ...
Langmuir 36 (9), 2403-2418, 2020
Soft Matter Nanoscopy
A Aloi, KI Voets
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, 2018
A multidisciplinary study of the extracutaneous pigment system of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.). A possible relationship between kidney disease and dopa oxidase …
M Arciuli, A Brunetti, D Fiocco, V Zacchino, G Centoducati, A Aloi, ...
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Illuminating the impact of submicron particle size and surface chemistry on interfacial position and pickering emulsion type
EC Giakoumatos, A Aloi, IK Voets
Nano letters 20 (7), 4837-4841, 2020
Ultrafast transient absorption of eumelanin suspensions: the role of inverse Raman scattering
A Aloi, A Brunetti, G Perna, M Lasalvia, V Capozzi, R Tommasi
Biomedical Optics Express 6 (10), 4000-4013, 2015
Pathway‐Dependent Co‐Assembly of Elastin‐Like Polypeptides
JCMH J. Pille, A. Aloi, Duc H. T. Le, I. Vialshin, N. van de Laar, K ...
Small, 2021
Inverse Raman scattering in femtosecond broadband transient absorption experiments
A Aloi, R Tommasi
Raman spectroscopy and applications, 2017
On the edge: imaging soft interfaces by single-molecule localization microscopy
A Aloi
Ultrafast transient absorption of eumelanin suspensions
A Aloi, A Brunetti, G Perna, M Lasalvia, V Capozzi, R Tommasi
Marcella Arciuli, Adalberto Brunetti, Daniela Fiocco b, Valentina Zacchino c, Gerardo Centoducati c
A Aloi, R Tommasi, A Santeramo, E De Nitto, A Gallone
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