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Fournier François
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Development patterns and controlling factors of Tertiary carbonate buildups: Insights from high-resolution 3D seismic and well data in the Malampaya gas field (Offshore Palawan …
F Fournier, J Borgomano, LF Montaggioni
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Paleoenvironments and high-frequency cyclicity from Cenozoic South-East Asian shallow-water carbonates: a case study from the Oligo-Miocene buildups of Malampaya (Offshore …
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A new titanosaur genus (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of southern France and its paleobiogeographic implications
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F Fournier, M Pellerin, Q Villeneuve, T Teillet, F Hong, E Poli, ...
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Platform-to-basin anatomy of a Barremian–Aptian Tethyan carbonate system: New insights into the regional to global factors controlling the stratigraphic architecture of the …
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Late Barremian–Early Aptian ammonite bioevents from the Urgonian-type series of Provence, southeast France: Regional stratigraphic correlations and implications for dating the …
C Frau, AJB Tendil, C Lanteaume, JP Masse, A Pictet, LG Bulot, TL Luber, ...
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