Cláudia Seabra
Cláudia Seabra
Assistant Professor University of Coimbra
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Pedagogical affect, student interest, and learning performance
JL Abrantes, C Seabra, LF Lages
Journal of Business Research 60 (9), 960-964, 2007
Heterogeneity in risk and safety perceptions of international tourists
C Seabra, S Dolnicar, JL Abrantes, E Kastenholz
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Drivers of in-group and out-of-group electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM)
J Luís Abrantes, C Seabra, C Raquel Lages, C Jayawardhena
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The impact of using non-media information sources on the future use of mass media information sources: The mediating role of expectations fulfillment
C Seabra, JL Abrantes, LF Lages
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The influence of terrorism risk perception on purchase involvement and safety concern of international travellers
C Seabra, JL Abrantes, E Kastenholz
Journal of Marketing Management 30 (9-10), 874-903, 2014
Personal and pedagogical interaction factors as determinants of academic achievement
AP Cardoso, M Ferreira, JL Abrantes, C Seabra, C Costa
Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 29, 1596-1605, 2011
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H Ribeiro, S Fonseca Amaro, C Seabra, J Luís Abrantes
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Dark tourism: Concepts, typologies and sites
AP Fonseca, C Seabra, C Silva
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WOM antecedents in backpacker travelers
S Alves, JL Abrantes, MJ Antunes, C Seabra, R Herstein
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The impact of external information sources in expectations formation and future use of media
C Seabra, J Abrantes, L Lages
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Comparing CB-SEM and PLS-SEM results: an empirical example
S Amaro, JL Abrantes, C Seabra
The influence of motivations in tourists’ involvement
C Seabra, C Silva, J Luís Abrantes, M Vicente, R Herstein
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Motivation and involvement in international tourism
C Seabra, M Vicente, C Silva, JL Abrantes
International journal of multidisciplinarity in business and scienc 2 (2), 26-33, 2014
The infosource scale: a measure to assess the importance of external tourism information sources
C Seabra, LF Lages, JL Abrantes
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Place-attachment and involvement by tourists of natural areas
C Seabra, C Silva, JL Abrantes
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Terrorscale: A scale to measure the contact of international tourists with terrorism
C Seabra, JL Abrantes, E Kastenholz
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Peacefulness at home: impacts on international travel
C Seabra, E Kastenholz, JL Abrantes, M Reis
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Holistic tourism: Motivations, self-image and satisfaction
G Rocha, C Seabra, C Silva, JL Abrantes
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Dynamic and operational capabilities for innovation: Their influence on export market effectiveness
M Vicente, C Seabra, JL Abrantes, MS Teixeira
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Holistic tourism: A new form of living and feeling tourism
C SEABRA, C Silva, C Faias, JL Abrantes, O Paiva
Applied Geography 27 (5), 89-111, 2014
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