Wu Qiu
Wu Qiu
National University of Singapore, Physics Department
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Force-dependent conformational switch of α-catenin controls vinculin binding
M Yao, W Qiu, R Liu, AK Efremov, P Cong, R Seddiki, M Payre, CT Lim, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-12, 2014
A Biodegradable and Stretchable Protein‐Based Sensor as Artificial Electronic Skin for Human Motion Detection
C Hou, Z Xu, W Qiu, R Wu, Y Wang, Q Xu, XY Liu, W Guo
Small 15 (11), 1805084, 2019
Protein-directed synthesis of bifunctional adsorbent-catalytic hemin-graphene nanosheets for highly efficient removal of dye pollutants via synergistic adsorption and degradation
X Wang, C Hou, W Qiu, Y Ke, Q Xu, XY Liu, Y Lin
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Mesoscopic‐Functionalization of Silk Fibroin with Gold Nanoclusters Mediated by Keratin and Bioinspired Silk Synapse
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Stretchable and heat‐resistant protein‐based electronic skin for human thermoregulation
J Huang, Z Xu, W Qiu, F Chen, Z Meng, C Hou, W Guo, XY Liu
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Hierarchical structure of silk materials versus mechanical performance and mesoscopic engineering principles
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Silk Flexible Electronics: From Bombyx mori Silk Ag Nanoclusters Hybrid Materials to Mesoscopic Memristors and Synaptic Emulators
C Shi, J Wang, ML Sushko, W Qiu, X Yan, XY Liu
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Fabrication of crack-free photonic crystal films on superhydrophobic nanopin surface
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Ultraflexible, stretchable and fast-switching electrochromic devices with enhanced cycling stability
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P130Cas substrate domain is intrinsically disordered as characterized by single-molecule force measurements
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From molecular reconstruction of mesoscopic functional conductive silk fibrous materials to remote respiration monitoring
L Ma, Q Liu, R Wu, Z Meng, A Patil, R Yu, Y Yang, S Zhu, X Fan, C Hou, ...
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Achieving High-Performance Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering through One-Step Thermal Treatment of Bulk MoS2
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Neutralization reaction in synthesis of carbon materials for supercapacitors
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Tailoring the meso-structure of gold nanoparticles in keratin-based activated carbon toward high-performance flexible sensor
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Nano-micro letters 12 (1), 1-11, 2020
Primary and secondary mesoscopic hybrid materials of Au Nanoparticles@ Silk fibroin and applications
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ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (33), 30125-30136, 2019
Transient bioelectrical devices inspired by a silkworm moth breaking out of its cocoon
Q Qi, Y Li, W Qiu, W Zhang, C Shi, C Hou, W Yan, J Huang, L Yang, ...
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A Novel Facile and Green Synthesis Protocol to Prepare High Strength Regenerated Silk Fibroin/SiO 2 Composite Fiber
Q Liu, Z Meng, R Wu, L Ma, W Qiu, H Zhang, S Zhu, L Kong, Z Xu, A Patil, ...
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Meso‐Reconstruction of Silk Fibroin based on Molecular and Nano‐Templates for Electronic Skin in Medical Applications
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Cocoon Silk: From Mesoscopic Materials Design to Engineering Principles and Applications
W Qiu, XY Liu
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Assembling Two‐Phase Enzymatic Cascade Pathways in Pickering Emulsion
Y Pan, W Qiu, Q Li, S Zhu, C Lin, W Zeng, X Xiong, XY Liu, Y Lin
ChemCatChem 11 (7), 1878-1883, 2019
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