Valentin Kemper
Valentin Kemper
Postdoctoral researcher, Maastricht University
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Sub-millimeter T2 weighted fMRI at 7 T: comparison of 3D-GRASE and 2D SE-EPI
VG Kemper, F De Martino, AT Vu, BA Poser, DA Feinberg, R Goebel, ...
Frontiers in neuroscience 9, 163, 2015
High resolution data analysis strategies for mesoscale human functional MRI at 7 and 9.4 T
VG Kemper, F De Martino, TC Emmerling, E Yacoub, R Goebel
Neuroimage 164, 48-58, 2018
Variable flip angle 3D‐GRASE for high resolution fMRI at 7 tesla
VG Kemper, F De Martino, E Yacoub, R Goebel
Magnetic resonance in medicine 76 (3), 897-904, 2016
The impact of ultra-high field MRI on cognitive and computational neuroimaging
F De Martino, E Yacoub, V Kemper, M Moerel, K Uludağ, P De Weerd, ...
Neuroimage 168, 366-382, 2018
Sensitivity and specificity considerations for fMRI encoding, decoding, and mapping of auditory cortex at ultra-high field
M Moerel, F De Martino, VG Kemper, S Schmitter, AT Vu, K Uğurbil, ...
Neuroimage 164, 18-31, 2018
Ultra-high field MRI post mortem structural connectivity of the human subthalamic nucleus, substantia nigra, and globus pallidus
BR Plantinga, A Roebroeck, VG Kemper, K Uludağ, M Melse, J Mai, ...
Frontiers in neuroanatomy 10, 66, 2016
Frequency-selective attention in auditory scenes recruits frequency representations throughout human superior temporal cortex
L Riecke, JC Peters, G Valente, VG Kemper, E Formisano, B Sorger
Cerebral Cortex 27 (5), 3002-3014, 2016
CAIPIRINHA-accelerated 3D EPI for high temporal and/or spatial resolution EPI acquisitions
BA Poser, VG Kemper, D Ivanov, K Uludag, SA Kannengiesser, M Barth
Proceedings to ESMRMB Congress, Toulouse, France, 226, 2013
A specialized multi-transmit head coil for high resolution fMRI of the human visual cortex at 7T
S Sengupta, A Roebroeck, VG Kemper, BA Poser, J Zimmermann, ...
PloS one 11 (12), e0165418, 2016
Frequency-specific attentional modulation in human primary auditory cortex and midbrain
L Riecke, JC Peters, G Valente, BA Poser, VG Kemper, E Formisano, ...
Neuroimage 174, 274-287, 2018
Which fMRI contrast is most specific for high resolution layer-dependent fMRI? Comparison study of GE-BOLD, SE-BOLD, T2-prep BOLD and blood volume fMRI
L Huber, J Hua, V Kemper, S Marrett, BA Poser, PA Bandettini
F1000Research 6, 2017
Columnar clusters in the human motion complex reflect consciously perceived motion axis
M Schneider, VG Kemper, TC Emmerling, F De Martino, R Goebel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (11), 5096-5101, 2019
An Open 4ch. Transmit/16 Ch. Receive Coil for High Resolution Occipital and Temporal Visual Cortex Imaging at 7T
S Sengupta, G Adriany, VG Kemper, J Zimmermann, R Goebel, ...
Proceedings of the 23rd ISMRM Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 1777, 2015
Ultra-high field imaging of perceptual learning in the human visual cortex
K Jia, E Zamboni, NR Goncalves, C Rua, V Kemper, G Williams, ...
Journal of Vision 19 (10), 186b-186b, 2019
Tracking perceptual decision mechanisms through changes in interhemispheric functional connectivity in human visual cortex
T Sousa, JV Duarte, GN Costa, VG Kemper, R Martins, R Goebel, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1242, 2019
Submillimeter T2 weighted BOLD fMRI of human visual cortex
VG Kemper
Maastricht University, 2016
Sub-millimeter T2 weighted fMRI at 7 T: comparison of 3D-GRASE and 2D SE-EPI.
AT Vu, DA Feinberg, F De Martino, BA Poser, VG Kemper, R Goebel, ...
Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 2015
Submillimeter 9.4 T fMRI of the human auditory cortex with tones, ripples, and real life sounds
VG Kemper, E Formisano, S Ramanna, E Yacoub, F De Martino
High Resolution Imaging of the Human Subthalamic Nucleus Network
BR Plantinga, A Roebroeck, M Bastiani, VG Kemper, K Uludag, Y Temel, ...
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