Rahul Jayaprakash
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Manipulating molecules with strong coupling: harvesting triplet excitons in organic exciton microcavities
D Polak, R Jayaprakash, TP Lyons, LÁ Martínez-Martínez, A Leventis, ...
Chemical science 11 (2), 343-354, 2020
Rapid scalable processing of tin oxide transport layers for perovskite solar cells
JA Smith, OS Game, JE Bishop, ELK Spooner, RC Kilbride, C Greenland, ...
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Ultralong‐Range Polariton‐Assisted Energy Transfer in Organic Microcavities
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Tuning the Coherent Propagation of Organic Exciton‐Polaritons through Dark State Delocalization
R Pandya, A Ashoka, K Georgiou, J Sung, R Jayaprakash, S Renken, ...
Advanced Science 9 (18), 2105569, 2022
Microcavity-like exciton-polaritons can be the primary photoexcitation in bare organic semiconductors
R Pandya, RYS Chen, Q Gu, J Sung, C Schnedermann, OS Ojambati, ...
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A hybrid organic–inorganic polariton LED
R Jayaprakash, K Georgiou, H Coulthard, A Askitopoulos, SK Rajendran, ...
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Potassium iodide reduces the stability of triple-cation perovskite solar cells
TI Alanazi, OS Game, JA Smith, RC Kilbride, C Greenland, R Jayaprakash, ...
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Untargeted effects in organic exciton–polariton transient spectroscopy: A cautionary tale
S Renken, R Pandya, K Georgiou, R Jayaprakash, L Gai, Z Shen, ...
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Ultra-low threshold polariton lasing at room temperature in a GaN membrane microcavity with a zero-dimensional trap
R Jayaprakash, FG Kalaitzakis, G Christmann, K Tsagaraki, M Hocevar, ...
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Generation of anti-Stokes fluorescence in a strongly coupled organic semiconductor microcavity
K Georgiou, R Jayaprakash, A Askitopoulos, DM Coles, PG Lagoudakis, ...
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Two-dimensional organic-exciton polariton lattice fabricated using laser patterning
R Jayaprakash, CE Whittaker, K Georgiou, OS Game, KE McGhee, ...
ACS Photonics 7 (8), 2273-2281, 2020
Extraction of absorption coefficients from as-grown GaN nanowires on opaque substrates using all-optical method
R Jayaprakash, D Ajagunna, S Germanis, M Androulidaki, K Tsagaraki, ...
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Polariton condensation in an organic microcavity utilising a hybrid metal-DBR mirror
KE McGhee, A Putintsev, R Jayaprakash, K Georgiou, ME O’Kane, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 20879, 2021
Strong coupling in a microcavity containing β-carotene
RT Grant, R Jayaprakash, DM Coles, A Musser, S De Liberato, ...
Optics Express 26 (3), 3320-3327, 2018
Ultra-smooth GaN membranes by photo-electrochemical etching for photonic applications
R Jayaprakash, FG Kalaitzakis, M Kayambaki, K Tsagaraki, E Monroy, ...
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Nonlinear interactions of dipolar excitons and polaritons in MoS2 bilayers
C Louca, A Genco, S Chiavazzo, TP Lyons, S Randerson, C Trovatello, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.00485, 2022
Strong coupling of organic dyes located at the surface of a dielectric slab microcavity
K Georgiou, R Jayaprakash, DG Lidzey
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (22), 9893-9900, 2020
Strong exciton-photon coupling in large area MoSe2 and WSe2 heterostructures fabricated from two-dimensional materials grown by chemical vapor deposition
DJ Gillard, A Genco, S Ahn, TP Lyons, KY Ma, AR Jang, TS Millard, ...
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Observation of photon-mode decoupling in a strongly coupled multimode microcavity
K Georgiou, KE McGhee, R Jayaprakash, DG Lidzey
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Polariton condensation in a microcavity using a highly-stable molecular dye
KE McGhee, R Jayaprakash, K Georgiou, SL Burg, DG Lidzey
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 10 (11), 4187-4195, 2022
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