Jakob Mökander
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Ethics as a service: a pragmatic operationalisation of AI ethics
J Morley, A Elhalal, F Garcia, L Kinsey, J Mökander, L Floridi
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J Mokander, L Floridi
Minds and Machines, Online first. doi: 10.1007/s11023-021-09557-8, 2021
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L Floridi, M Holweg, M Taddeo, J Amaya Silva, J Mökander, Y Wen
Available at SSRN 4064091, 2022
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On the Limits of Design: What Are the Conceptual Constraints on Designing Artificial Intelligence for Social Good?
J Mökander
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Demand response in the future Swedish electricity market: a typology based on cost, volume and feasibility
J Mökander
Linköping University, 2014
The case for a broader approach to AI assurance: addressing “hidden” harms in the development of Artificial Intelligence
C Thomas, H Roberts, J Mökander, A Tsamados, M Taddeo, L Floridi
Available at SSRN, 2023
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