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jorge fontes
PhD researcher DOP UAc - IMAR - MARE
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Multi-scale patterns of habitat use in a highly mobile reef fish, the white trevally Pseudocaranx dentex, and their implications for marine reserve design
P Afonso, J Fontes, KN Holland, RS Santos
Marine Ecology Progress Series 381, 273-286, 2009
Social status determines behaviour and habitat usage in a temperate parrotfish: implications for marine reserve design
P Afonso, J Fontes, KN Holland, RS Santos
Marine Ecology Progress Series 359, 215-227, 2008
Extreme diving behaviour in devil rays links surface waters and the deep ocean
SR Thorrold, P Afonso, J Fontes, CD Braun, RS Santos, GB Skomal, ...
Nature Communications 5, 4274, 2014
Small marine reserves can offer long term protection to an endangered fish
P Afonso, J Fontes, RS Santos
Biological Conservation 144 (11), 2739-2744, 2011
Movements of blue sharks (Prionace glauca) across their life history
F Vandeperre, A Aires-da-Silva, J Fontes, M Santos, RS Santos, P Afonso
PLoS One 9 (8), e103538, 2014
New and rare coastal fishes in the Azores islands: occasional events or tropicalization process?
P Afonso, FM Porteiro, J Fontes, F Tempera, T Morato, F Cardigos, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 83 (2), 272-294, 2013
The MORPH concept and its application in marine research
J Kalwa, M Carreiro-Silva, F Tempera, J Fontes, RS Santos, MC Fabri, ...
2013 MTS/IEEE OCEANS-Bergen, 1-8, 2013
Vertical migrations of a deep-sea fish and its prey
P Afonso, N McGinty, G Graça, J Fontes, M Inácio, A Totland, G Menezes
PloS one 9 (5), e97884, 2014
Checklist of the shallow-water marine molluscs of the Azores: 1-Pico, Faial, Flores and Corvo
SP Avila, J Azevedo, JM Gonçalves, J Fontes, F Cardigos
Sociedade Afonso Chaves, 1998
First observations on seamount habitat use of blackspot seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) using acoustic telemetry
P Afonso, G Graça, G Berke, J Fontes
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 436, 1-10, 2012
Larval growth, size, stage duration and recruitment success of a temperate reef fish
J Fontes, RS Santos, P Afonso, JE Caselle
Journal of Sea Research 65 (1), 1-7, 2011
Natal signatures of juvenile Coris julis in the Azores: investigating connectivity scenarios in an oceanic archipelago
J Fontes, JE Caselle, MS Sheehy, RS Santos, RR Warner
Marine Ecology Progress Series 387, 51-59, 2009
Reproduction and spawning habitat of white trevally, Pseudocaranx dentex, in the Azores, central north Atlantic
SRS Afonso P, Fontes J, Morato T, Holland K
Scientia Marina 72 (2), 373-381, 2008
Rapid Environmental Picture Atlantic exercise 2015: a field report
JB de Sousa, J Pereira, J Pinto, PC Lourenfo, JM Galocha, J Fontes, ...
OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, 1-6, 2016
Plataformas de petróleo–Pontos de encontro de peixes em alto-mar
M Hostim-Silva, J Fontes, P Afonso, N Serpa, C Sazima, JP Barreiros, ...
Ciência Hoje 31, 20-26, 2002
Multi‐scale recruitment patterns and effects on local population size of a temperate reef fish
J Fontes, JE Caselle, P Afonso, RS Santos
Journal of Fish Biology 75 (6), 1271-1286, 2009
Temporal variability of larval growth, size, stage duration and recruitment of a wrasse, Coris julis (Pisces: Labridae), from the Azores
J Fontes, P Afonso, RS Santos, JE Caselle
Scientia Marina 74 (4), 721-729, 2010
A multi-scale study of red porgy movements and habitat use, and its application to the design of marine reserve networks
P Afonso, J Fontes, R Guedes, F Tempera, KN Holland, RS Santos
Tagging and Tracking of Marine Animals with Electronic Devices, 423-443, 2009
Contrasting movements and residency of two serranids in a small Macaronesian MPA
P Afonso, D Abecasis, RS Santos, J Fontes
Fisheries research 177, 59-70, 2016
Permanent aggregations of a pelagic predator at shallow seamounts
J Fontes, M Schmiing, P Afonso
Marine biology 161 (6), 1349-1360, 2014
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