Samuel Antão
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Active memory cube: A processing-in-memory architecture for exascale systems
R Nair, SF Antao, C Bertolli, P Bose, JR Brunheroto, T Chen, CY Cher, ...
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Z Sura, A Jacob, T Chen, B Rosenburg, O Sallenave, C Bertolli, S Antao, ...
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RNS-based elliptic curve point multiplication for massive parallel architectures
S Antão, JC Bajard, L Sousa
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Offloading support for OpenMP in Clang and LLVM
SF Antao, A Bataev, AC Jacob, GT Bercea, AE Eichenberger, G Rokos, ...
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Combining residue arithmetic to design efficient cryptographic circuits and systems
L Sousa, S Antao, P Martins
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MRC-Based RNS Reverse Converters for the Four-Moduli Setsand
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Elliptic curve point multiplication on GPUs
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GT Bercea, C Bertolli, SF Antao, AC Jacob, AE Eichenberger, T Chen, ...
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On the Design of RNS Reverse Converters for the Four-Moduli Set ${\bf\{2^{\mmb n}+ 1, 2^{\mmb n}-1, 2^{\mmb n}, 2^{{\mmb n}+ 1}+ 1\}} $
L Sousa, S Antão, R Chaves
IEEE transactions on very large scale integration (VLSI) systems 21 (10 …, 2012
Performance analysis and optimization of Clang's OpenMP 4.5 GPU support
M Martineau, S McIntosh-Smith, C Bertolli, AC Jacob, SF Antao, ...
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Early experiences porting three applications to OpenMP 4.5
I Karlin, T Scogland, AC Jacob, SF Antao, GT Bercea, C Bertolli, ...
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A lab project on the design and implementation of programmable and configurable embedded systems
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Compiling for the active memory cube
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AC Jacob, R Nair, AE Eichenberger, SF Antao, C Bertolli, T Chen, Z Sura, ...
OpenMP: Heterogenous Execution and Data Movements: 11th International …, 2015
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