Sarah Liljegren
Sarah Liljegren
Associate Professor of Biology, University of Mississippi
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SHATTERPROOF MADS-box genes control seed dispersal in Arabidopsis
SJ Liljegren, GS Ditta, Y Eshed, B Savidge, JL Bowman, MF Yanofsky
Nature 404 (6779), 766-770, 2000
Assessing the redundancy of MADS-box genes during carpel and ovule development
A Pinyopich, GS Ditta, B Savidge, SJ Liljegren, E Baumann, E Wisman, ...
Nature 424 (6944), 85-88, 2003
An ancestral MADS-box gene duplication occurred before the divergence of plants and animals
ER Alvarez-Buylla, S Pelaz, SJ Liljegren, SE Gold, C Burgeff, GS Ditta, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (10), 5328-5333, 2000
Interactions among APETALA1, LEAFY, and TERMINAL FLOWER1 specify meristem fate
SJ Liljegren, C Gustafson-Brown, A Pinyopich, GS Ditta, MF Yanofsky
The Plant Cell 11 (6), 1007-1018, 1999
Negative regulation of the SHATTERPROOF genes by FRUITFULL during Arabidopsis fruit development
C Ferrándiz, SJ Liljegren, MF Yanofsky
Science 289 (5478), 436-438, 2000
MADS‐box gene evolution beyond flowers: expression in pollen, endosperm, guard cells, roots and trichomes
ER Alvarez‐Buylla, SJ Liljegren, S Pelaz, SE Gold, C Burgeff, GS Ditta, ...
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Control of fruit patterning in Arabidopsis by INDEHISCENT
SJ Liljegren, AHK Roeder, SA Kempin, K Gremski, L Østergaard, S Guimil, ...
Cell 116 (6), 843-853, 2004
Chlorophyll breakdown in senescent Arabidopsis leaves. Characterization of chlorophyll catabolites and of chlorophyll catabolic enzymes involved in the degreening reaction
A Pružinská, G Tanner, S Aubry, I Anders, S Moser, T Müller, KH Ongania, ...
Plant physiology 139 (1), 52-63, 2005
A regulated auxin minimum is required for seed dispersal in Arabidopsis
K Sorefan, T Girin, SJ Liljegren, K Ljung, P Robles, CS Galván-Ampudia, ...
Nature 459 (7246), 583-586, 2009
Targeted disruption in Arabidopsis
SA Kempin, SJ Liljegren, LM Block, SD Rounsley, MF Yanofsky, E Lam
Nature 389 (6653), 802-803, 1997
Plant separation: 50 ways to leave your mother
MW Lewis, ME Leslie, SJ Liljegren
Current opinion in plant biology 9 (1), 59-65, 2006
MADS-box gene expression in lateral primordia, meristems and differentiated tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana roots
C Burgeff, SJ Liljegren, R Tapia-López, MF Yanofsky, ER Alvarez-Buylla
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The EVERSHED receptor-like kinase modulates floral organ shedding in Arabidopsis
ME Leslie, MW Lewis, JY Youn, MJ Daniels, SJ Liljegren
Development 137 (3), 467-476, 2010
Regulation of membrane trafficking and organ separation by the NEVERSHED ARF-GAP protein
SJ Liljegren, ME Leslie, L Darnielle, MW Lewis, SM Taylor, R Luo, ...
Development 136 (11), 1909-1918, 2009
Rapid array mapping of circadian clock and developmental mutations in Arabidopsis
SP Hazen, JO Borevitz, FG Harmon, JL Pruneda-Paz, TF Schultz, ...
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CAST AWAY, a membrane-associated receptor-like kinase, inhibits organ abscission in Arabidopsis
CA Burr, ME Leslie, SK Orlowski, I Chen, CE Wright, MJ Daniels, ...
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The SERK1 receptor‐like kinase regulates organ separation in Arabidopsis flowers
MW Lewis, ME Leslie, EH Fulcher, L Darnielle, PN Healy, JY Youn, ...
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Organ abscission: exit strategies require signals and moving traffic
SJ Liljegren
Current opinion in plant biology 15 (6), 670-676, 2012
Organ abscission: exit strategies require signals and moving traffic
SJ Liljegren
Current opinion in plant biology 15 (6), 670-676, 2012
MTV1 and MTV4 encode plant-specific ENTH and ARF GAP proteins that mediate clathrin-dependent trafficking of vacuolar cargo from the trans-Golgi network
M Sauer, MO Delgadillo, J Zouhar, GD Reynolds, JG Pennington, L Jiang, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (6), 2217-2235, 2013
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