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Effects of extracts from Bangladeshi medicinal plants on in vitro proliferation of human breast cancer cell lines and expression of estrogen receptor α gene
E Lambertini, R Piva, MTH Khan, I Lampronti, N Bianchi, M Borgatti, ...
International Journal of oncology 24 (2), 419-423, 2004
In vitro antiproliferative effects on human tumor cell lines of extracts from the Bangladeshi medicinal plant Aegle marmelos Correa
I Lampronti, D Martello, N Bianchi, M Borgatti, E Lambertini, R Piva, ...
Phytomedicine 10 (4), 300-308, 2003
Cyclosporin‐A increases type I procollagen production and mRNA level in human gingival fibroblasts in vitro
GP Schincaglia, F Forniti, R Cavallini, R Piva, G Calura, L del Senno
Journal of oral pathology & medicine 21 (4), 181-185, 1992
From microRNA functions to microRNA therapeutics: novel targets and novel drugs in breast cancer research and treatment
R Piva, DA Spandidos, R Gambari
International journal of oncology 43 (4), 985-994, 2013
Dinucleotide repeat polymorphism in the human estrogen receptor gene
Hum Mol Genet 1, 354, 1992
Analysis of upstream sequences of the human estrogen receptor gene
R Piva, R Gambari, F Zorzato, L Kumar, L del Senno
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 183 (3), 996-1002, 1992
(−)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate downregulates estrogen receptor alpha function in MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells
F Farabegoli, C Barbi, E Lambertini, R Piva
Cancer detection and prevention 31 (6), 499-504, 2007
Encapsulation of mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton's jelly in alginate microbeads
L Penolazzi, E Tavanti, R Vecchiatini, E Lambertini, F Vesce, R Gambari, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 16 (1), 141-155, 2009
Decoy oligodeoxynucleotides targeting NF-kappaB transcription factors: induction of apoptosis in human primary osteoclasts
L Penolazzi, E Lambertini, M Borgatti, R Piva, M Cozzani, I Giovannini, ...
Biochemical pharmacology 66 (7), 1189-1198, 2003
Sequencing of an RNA transcript of the human estrogen receptor gene: evidence for a new transcriptional event
R Piva, N Bianchi, GL Aguiari, R Gambari, L del Senno
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 46 (5), 531-538, 1993
Deficiency of polycystin-2 reduces Ca2+ channel activity and cell proliferation in ADPKD lymphoblastoid cells
G Aguiari, M Banzi, S Gessi, Y Cai, E Zeggio, E Manzati, R Piva, ...
The FASEB journal 18 (7), 884-886, 2004
Induction of apoptosis of human primary osteoclasts treated with extracts from the medicinal plant Emblica officinalis
L Penolazzi, I Lampronti, M Borgatti, MTH Khan, M Zennaro, R Piva, ...
BMC complementary and Alternative Medicine 8 (1), 59, 2008
Preparation of cell-encapsulation devices in confined microenvironment
S Mazzitelli, L Capretto, F Quinci, R Piva, C Nastruzzi
Advanced drug delivery reviews 65 (11-12), 1533-1555, 2013
Expression of estrogen receptor α gene in breast cancer cells treated with transcription factor decoy is modulated by Bangladeshi natural plant extracts
E Lambertini, I Lampronti, L Penolazzi, MTH Khan, A Ather, G Giorgi, ...
Oncology Research Featuring Preclinical and Clinical Cancer Therapeutics 15 …, 2005
Different methylation of oestrogen receptor DNA in human breast carcinomas with and without oestrogen receptor
R Piva, AP Rimondi, S Hanau, I Maestri, A Alvisi, VL Kumar, L del Senno
British journal of cancer 61 (2), 270, 1990
Correlation between Slug transcription factor and miR-221 in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
E Lambertini, A Lolli, F Vezzali, L Penolazzi, R Gambari, R Piva
BMC cancer 12 (1), 445, 2012
Differential hypomethylation of the c-myc protooncogene in bladder cancers at different stages and grades
LD Senno, I Maestri, R Piva, S Hanau, A Reggiani, A Romano, G Russo
The Journal of urology 142 (1), 146-149, 1989
Optimised production of multifunctional microfibres by microfluidic chip technology for tissue engineering applications
S Mazzitelli, L Capretto, D Carugo, X Zhang, R Piva, C Nastruzzi
Lab on a Chip 11 (10), 1776-1785, 2011
Methylation analysis of the promoter F of estrogen receptor α gene: effects on the level of transcription on human osteoblastic cells
L Penolazzi, E Lambertini, S Giordano, V Sollazzo, G Traina, L del Senno, ...
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 91 (1-2), 1-9, 2004
SLUG: a new target of lymphoid enhancer factor-1 in human osteoblasts
E Lambertini, T Franceschetti, E Torreggiani, L Penolazzi, A Pastore, ...
BMC molecular biology 11 (1), 13, 2010
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