Ana M.M. Sousa
Ana M.M. Sousa
USDA,ARS,NEA,ERRC, Dairy and Functional Food Research Unit
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GEROS-ISS: GNSS reflectometry, radio occultation, and scatterometry onboard the international space station
J Wickert, E Cardellach, M Martín-Neira, J Bandeiras, L Bertino, ...
IEEE Journal of selected topics in applied Earth observations and Remote …, 2016
Agar extraction from integrated multitrophic aquacultured Gracilaria vermiculophylla: Evaluation of a microwave-assisted process using response surface methodology
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Comparison of different histological indexes in the assessment of UC activity and their accuracy regarding endoscopic outcomes and faecal calprotectin levels
F Magro, J Lopes, P Borralho, S Lopes, R Coelho, J Cotter, FD de Castro, ...
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Biodegradable Agar Extracted from Gracilaria Vermiculophylla: Film Properties and Application to Edible Coating
AMM Sousa, AM Sereno, L Hilliou, MP Gonçalves
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Electrospinning of casein/pullulan blends for food-grade applications
PM Tomasula, AMM Sousa, SC Liou, R Li, LM Bonnaillie, LS Liu
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Strategies to improve the mechanical strength and water resistance of agar films for food packaging applications
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Antibacterial poly (lactic acid)(PLA) films grafted with electrospun PLA/allyl isothiocyanate fibers for food packaging
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HKS Souza, JM Campiña, AMM Sousa, F Silva, MP Gonçalves
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Structural, physical, and chemical modifications induced by microwave heating on native agar-like galactans
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Aerosolizable gold nano-in-micro dry powder formulations for theragnosis and lung delivery
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AMM Sousa, HKS Souza, J Uknalis, SC Liu, MP Gonçalves, LS Liu
International journal of biological macromolecules 80, 139-148, 2015
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