Zohar Ringel
Zohar Ringel
Racah Institute of Physics
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Topological states and adiabatic pumping in quasicrystals
YE Kraus, Y Lahini, Z Ringel, M Verbin, O Zilberberg
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Mutual information, neural networks and the renormalization group
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Quantized gravitational responses, the sign problem, and quantum complexity
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Hidden order and flux attachment in symmetry-protected topological phases: A Laughlin-like approach
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Quasicrystals, Meet Topological Insulators
A Quandt
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Comment on" Topological equivalence of crystal and quasicrystal band structures"
YE Kraus, Z Ringel, O Zilberberg
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NV center based nano-NMR enhanced by deep learning
N Aharon, A Rotem, LP McGuinness, F Jelezko, A Retzker, Z Ringel
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Predicting the outputs of finite networks trained with noisy gradients
G Naveh, O Ben-David, H Sompolinsky, Z Ringel
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.01190, 2020
Using weak measurements to extract the Z 2 index of a topological insulator
Z Ringel
Physical Review B 91 (24), 241109, 2015
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