Ricardo F. Mendes
Ricardo F. Mendes
CICECO - Aveiro Insitute of Materials
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Superparamagnetic MFe2O4 (M = Fe, Co, Mn) Nanoparticles: Tuning the Particle Size and Magnetic Properties through a Novel One-Step Coprecipitation Route
C Pereira, AM Pereira, C Fernandes, M Rocha, R Mendes, ...
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SMF Vilela, ADG Firmino, RF Mendes, JA Fernandes, D Ananias, ...
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N Venkatramaiah, CF Pereira, RF Mendes, FAA Paz, JPC Tome
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RF Mendes, FAA Paz
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ADG Firmino, RF Mendes, MM Antunes, PC Barbosa, SMF Vilela, ...
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Sustainable synthesis of a catalytic active one-dimensional lanthanide–organic coordination polymer
RF Mendes, P Silva, MM Antunes, AA Valente, FAA Paz
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Structural Diversity of Lanthanum–Organic Frameworks Based on 1, 4-Phenylenebis (methylene) diphosphonic Acid
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A lamellar coordination polymer with remarkable catalytic activity
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2 O 4(M= Fe, Co, Mn) nanoparticles: tuning the particle size and magnetic properties through a novel one-step coprecipitation route
C Pereira, AM Pereira, C Fernandes, M Rocha, R Mendes, ...
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Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity under homogeneous conditions of ethylene glycol substituted porphyrin manganese (III) complexes
KADF Castro, FHC de Lima, MMQ Simões, MGPMS Neves, FAA Paz, ...
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KADF Castro, JMM Rodrigues, RF Mendes, PMS Maria da Graça, ...
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Microwave synthesis of a photoluminescent metal-organic framework based on a rigid tetraphosphonate linker
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Metal–organic frameworks: a future toolbox for biomedicine?
RF Mendes, F Figueira, JP Leite, L Gales, FAA Paz
Chemical Society Reviews, 2020
Metallomesogens with luminescent behaviour: palladium complexes derived from alkylamide tetraarylporphyrins
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Dynamic breathing effect in metal-organic frameworks: Reversible 2D-3D-2D-3D single-crystal to single-crystal transformation
RF Mendes, FAA Paz
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Enhanced proton conductivity in a layered coordination polymer
RF Mendes, P Barbosa, EM Domingues, P Silva, F Figueiredo, FAA Paz
Chemical science 11 (24), 6305-6311, 2020
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