Carmine Ortix
Carmine Ortix
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Stacked topological insulator built from bismuth-based graphene sheet analogues
B Rasche, A Isaeva, M Ruck, S Borisenko, V Zabolotnyy, B Büchner, ...
Nature materials 12 (5), 422-425, 2013
Universal recovery of the energy-level degeneracy of bright excitons in InGaAs quantum dots without a structure symmetry
R Trotta, E Zallo, C Ortix, P Atkinson, JD Plumhof, J Van den Brink, ...
Physical review letters 109 (14), 147401, 2012
Higher-order topological insulators protected by inversion and rotoinversion symmetries
G Van Miert, C Ortix
Physical Review B 98 (8), 081110, 2018
Competing orders in FeAs layers
J Lorenzana, G Seibold, C Ortix, M Grilli
Physical review letters 101 (18), 186402, 2008
Graphene on incommensurate substrates: Trigonal warping and emerging Dirac cone replicas with halved group velocity
C Ortix, L Yang, J van den Brink
Physical Review B 86 (8), 081405, 2012
Proximity of iron pnictide superconductors to a quantum tricritical point
G Giovannetti, C Ortix, M Marsman, M Capone, J Van Den Brink, ...
Nature communications 2 (1), 1-6, 2011
Energy-tunable sources of entangled photons: a viable concept for solid-state-based quantum relays
R Trotta, J Martín-Sánchez, I Daruka, C Ortix, A Rastelli
Physical review letters 114 (15), 150502, 2015
Effect of curvature on the electronic structure and bound-state formation in rolled-up nanotubes
C Ortix, J van den Brink
Physical Review B 81 (16), 165419, 2010
Fractional quantization of the topological charge pumping in a one-dimensional superlattice
P Marra, R Citro, C Ortix
Physical Review B 91 (12), 125411, 2015
Quantum mechanics of a spin-orbit coupled electron constrained to a space curve
C Ortix
Physical Review B 91 (24), 245412, 2015
Topological mirror insulators in one dimension
A Lau, J van den Brink, C Ortix
Physical Review B 94 (16), 165164, 2016
Curvature-induced geometric potential in strain-driven nanostructures
C Ortix, S Kiravittaya, OG Schmidt, J van den Brink
Physical Review B 84 (4), 045438, 2011
Coulomb-Frustrated phase separation phase diagram in systems with short-range negative compressibility
C Ortix, J Lorenzana, C Di Castro
Physical review letters 100 (24), 246402, 2008
Edge states and topological insulating phases generated by curving a nanowire with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
P Gentile, M Cuoco, C Ortix
Physical Review Letters 115 (25), 256801, 2015
Kekulé textures, pseudospin-one Dirac cones, and quadratic band crossings in a graphene-hexagonal indium chalcogenide bilayer
G Giovannetti, M Capone, J van den Brink, C Ortix
Physical Review B 91 (12), 121417, 2015
Berry curvature dipole in strained graphene: A Fermi surface warping effect
R Battilomo, N Scopigno, C Ortix
Physical Review Letters 123 (19), 196403, 2019
Microscopic Origin of Large Negative Magnetoelectric Coupling in
G Giovannetti, S Kumar, C Ortix, M Capone, J van den Brink
Physical Review Letters 109 (10), 107601, 2012
Excess charges as a probe of one-dimensional topological crystalline insulating phases
G van Miert, C Ortix
Physical Review B 96 (23), 235130, 2017
Topological origin of edge states in two-dimensional inversion-symmetric insulators and semimetals
G van Miert, C Ortix, CM Smith
2D Materials 4 (1), 015023, 2016
Frustrated phase separation in two-dimensional charged systems
C Ortix, J Lorenzana, C Di Castro
Physical Review B 73 (24), 245117, 2006
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