Vasco D.B. Bonifácio
Vasco D.B. Bonifácio
Professor of Biomaterials Science and Technology - Instituto Superior Técnico
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Benign by design: catalyst-free in-water, on-water green chemical methodologies in organic synthesis
MB Gawande, VDB Bonifácio, R Luque, PS Branco, RS Varma
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (12), 5522-5551, 2013
Solvent-free and catalysts-free chemistry: a benign pathway to sustainability
MB Gawande, VDB Bonifacio, R Luque, PS Branco, RS Varma
ChemSusChem 7 (1), 24-44, 2014
Magnetically recyclable magnetite–ceria (Nanocat-Fe-Ce) nanocatalyst–applications in multicomponent reactions under benign conditions
MB Gawande, VDB Bonifácio, RS Varma, ID Nogueira, N Bundaleski, ...
Green chemistry 15 (5), 1226-1231, 2013
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RB Restani, PI Morgado, MP Ribeiro, IJ Correia, A Aguiar‐Ricardo, ...
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QR-coded audio periodic table of the elements: A mobile-learning tool
VDB Bonifacio
Journal of Chemical Education 89 (4), 552-554, 2012
Polyfluorenes with on‐chain dibenzoborole units—Synthesis and anion‐induced photoluminescence quenching
VDB Bonifácio, J Morgado, U Scherf
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 46 (8), 2878-2883, 2008
Natural melanin: A potential pH-responsive drug release device
M Araújo, R Viveiros, TR Correia, IJ Correia, VDB Bonifácio, T Casimiro, ...
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SN Shelke, GR Mhaske, VDB Bonifácio, MB Gawande
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Dehydroindigo, the forgotten indigo and its contribution to the color of Maya Blue
R Rondao, JS Seixas de Melo, VDB Bonifácio, MJ Melo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (4), 1699-1708, 2010
Oxazoline‐Based Antimicrobial Oligomers: Synthesis by CROP Using Supercritical CO2
VG Correia, VDB Bonifácio, VP Raje, T Casimiro, G Moutinho, CL da Silva, ...
Macromolecular Bioscience 11 (8), 1128-1137, 2011
Development of functional mesoporous microparticles for controlled drug delivery
RB Restani, VG Correia, VDB Bonifácio, A Aguiar-Ricardo
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Supercritical fluid technology as a new strategy for the development of semi-covalent molecularly imprinted materials
MS da Silva, R Viveiros, A Aguiar-Ricardo, VDB Bonifácio, T Casimiro
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MOLinsight: a web portal for the processing of molecular structures by blind students
F Pereira, J Aires-de-Sousa, VDB Bonifacio, P Mata, AM Lobo
Journal of Chemical Education 88 (3), 361-362, 2011
Nano‐in‐Micro POxylated Polyurea Dendrimers and Chitosan Dry Powder Formulations for Pulmonary Delivery
RB Restani, AS Silva, RF Pires, R Cabral, IJ Correia, T Casimiro, ...
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 33 (11), 851-858, 2016
POxylated Polyurea Dendrimers: Smart Core‐Shell Vectors with IC50 Lowering Capacity
RB Restani, J Conde, RF Pires, P Martins, AR Fernandes, PV Baptista, ...
Macromolecular bioscience 15 (8), 1045-1051, 2015
Sonified infrared spectra and their interpretation by blind and visually impaired students
F Pereira, JC Ponte-e-Sousa, RPS Fartaria, VDB Bonifácio, P Mata, ...
Journal of chemical education 90 (8), 1028-1031, 2013
Palladium (II) mediated aziridination of olefins with bromamine-T as the nitrogen source: scope and mechanism
AMM Antunes, VDB Bonifácio, SCC Nascimento, AM Lobo, PS Branco, ...
Tetrahedron 63 (30), 7009-7017, 2007
Aerosolizable gold nano-in-micro dry powder formulations for theragnosis and lung delivery
AS Silva, AM Sousa, RP Cabral, MC Silva, C Costa, SP Miguel, ...
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Polyurea dendrimer for efficient cytosolic siRNA delivery
RB Restani, J Conde, PV Baptista, MT Cidade, AM Bragança, J Morgado, ...
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Anti-biofouling 3D porous systems: the blend effect of oxazoline-based oligomers on chitosan scaffolds
VG Correia, M Coelho, T Barroso, VP Raje, VDB Bonifácio, T Casimiro, ...
Biofouling 29 (3), 273-282, 2013
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