Hugo Aguas
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Influence of the deposition pressure on the properties of transparent and conductive ZnO: Ga thin-film produced by rf sputtering at room temperature
V Assuncao, E Fortunato, A Marques, H Aguas, I Ferreira, MEV Costa, ...
Thin Solid Films 427 (1-2), 401-405, 2003
Highly stable transparent and conducting gallium-doped zinc oxide thin films for photovoltaic applications
E Fortunato, L Raniero, L Silva, A Goncalves, A Pimentel, P Barquinha, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 92 (12), 1605-1610, 2008
High field-effect mobility zinc oxide thin film transistors produced at room temperature
E Fortunato, A Pimentel, L Pereira, A Goncalves, G Lavareda, H Aguas, ...
Journal of non-Crystalline solids 338, 806-809, 2004
High quality conductive gallium-doped zinc oxide films deposited at room temperature
E Fortunato, V Assuncao, A Goncalves, A Marques, H Aguas, L Pereira, ...
Thin Solid Films 451, 443-447, 2004
Growth of ZnO: Ga thin films at room temperature on polymeric substrates: thickness dependence
E Fortunato, A Goncalves, V Assuncao, A Marques, H Aguas, L Pereira, ...
Thin Solid Films 442 (1-2), 121-126, 2003
New challenges on gallium-doped zinc oxide films prepared by rf magnetron sputtering
V Assuncao, E Fortunato, A Marques, A Goncalves, I Ferreira, H Aguas, ...
Thin Solid Films 442 (1-2), 102-106, 2003
Influence of the layer thickness in plasmonic gold nanoparticles produced by thermal evaporation
D Gaspar, AC Pimentel, T Mateus, JP Leitao, J Soares, BP Falcao, ...
Scientific reports 3, 1469, 2013
Transparent, conductive ZnO: Al thin film deposited on polymer substrates by RF magnetron sputtering
E Fortunato, P Nunes, A Marques, D Costa, H Águas, I Ferreira, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 151, 247-251, 2002
Silicon thin film solar cells on commercial tiles
H Águas, SK Ram, A Araújo, D Gaspar, A Vicente, SA Filonovich, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (11), 4620-4632, 2011
Polycrystalline intrinsic zinc oxide to be used in transparent electronic devices
A Pimentel, E Fortunato, A Gonçalves, A Marques, H Águas, L Pereira, ...
Thin Solid Films 487 (1-2), 212-215, 2005
Thin film silicon photovoltaic cells on paper for flexible indoor applications
H Águas, T Mateus, A Vicente, D Gaspar, MJ Mendes, WA Schmidt, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (23), 3592-3598, 2015
Broadband photocurrent enhancement in a-Si: H solar cells with plasmonic back reflectors
S Morawiec, MJ Mendes, SA Filonovich, T Mateus, S Mirabella, H Águas, ...
Optics express 22 (104), A1059-A1070, 2014
Inkjet printed and “doctor blade” TiO2 photodetectors for DNA biosensors
I Bernacka-Wojcik, R Senadeera, PJ Wojcik, LB Silva, G Doria, P Baptista, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 25 (5), 1229-1234, 2010
Performances of hafnium oxide produced by radio frequency sputtering for gate dielectric application
L Pereira, A Marques, H Águas, N Nedev, S Georgiev, E Fortunato, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 109 (1-3), 89-93, 2004
Nanostructured silicon and its application to solar cells, position sensors and thin film transistors
R Martins, L Raniero, L Pereira, D Costa, H Águas, S Pereira, L Silva, ...
Philosophical Magazine 89 (28-30), 2699-2721, 2009
Broadband light trapping in thin film solar cells with self-organized plasmonic nano-colloids
MJ Mendes, S Morawiec, T Mateus, A Lyubchyk, H Águas, I Ferreira, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (13), 135202, 2015
Polycrystalline silicon obtained by metal induced crystallization using different metals
L Pereira, H Aguas, RMS Martins, P Vilarinho, E Fortunato, R Martins
Thin Solid Films 451, 334-339, 2004
Large area deposition of polymorphous silicon by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition at 27.12 MHz and 13.56 MHz
H Aguas, V Silva, E Fortunato, S Lebib, PR i Cabarrocas, I Ferreira, ...
Japanese journal of applied physics 42 (8R), 4935, 2003
Highly conductive p-type nanocrystalline silicon films deposited by RF-PECVD using silane and trimethylboron mixtures at high pressure
SA Filonovich, H Águas, I Bernacka-Wojcik, C Gaspar, M Vilarigues, ...
Vacuum 83 (10), 1253-1256, 2009
Influence of the strain on the electrical resistance of zinc oxide doped thin film deposited on polymer substrates
E Fortunato, P Nunes, A Marques, D Costa, H Águas, I Ferreira, ...
Advanced Engineering Materials 4 (8), 610-612, 2002
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