Aniruddha Molla
Aniruddha Molla
Inha University, Kyung Hee University,Ulsan University, Indian Institute of Technology Patna
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Selective adsorption of organic dyes on graphene oxide: Theoretical and experimental analysis
A Molla, Y Li, B Mandal, SG Kang, SH Hur, JS Chung
Applied Surface Science 464, 170-177, 2019
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A Molla, M Sahu, S Hussain
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M Khandelwal, Y Li, A Molla, SH Hur, JS Chung
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A Molla, S Hussain
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S Singh, A Chakraborty, V Singh, A Molla, S Hussain, MK Singh, P Das
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (8), 5973-5981, 2015
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A Molla, Y Li, M Khandelwal, SH Hur, JS Chung
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A Molla, AY Kim, JC Woo, HS Cho, JH Youk
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Facile synthesis and structural analysis of graphene oxide decorated with iron-cerium carbonate for visible-light driven rapid degradation of organic dyes
A Molla, Y Li, M Khandelwal, B Mandal, SG Kang, SH Hur, JS Chung
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Chemical clock reactions with organic dyes: Perspective, progress, and applications
A Molla, JH Youk
Dyes and Pigments 202, 110237, 2022
Sulfur-source dependent wet mechanochemical synthesis of pyrrhotite nanoparticles and evaluation of their sonocatalytic dye degradability
A Molla, H Choi, H Sakong, JH Youk
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AA Khan, M Kumar, K Khan, A Molla, S Hussain
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Ratiometric fluorescence probe based on monochromatic dual-emission carbon nanodots with fluorescence spectral change
A Molla, H Lee, Y Ju, J Choi, J Kim
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Colloid and Interface Science Communications 45, 100548, 2021
Distinctive optical transitions of tunable multicolor carbon dots
HS Shim, JM Kim, S Jeong, Y Ju, SJ Won, J Choi, S Nam, A Molla, J Kim, ...
Nanoscale Advances 4 (5), 1351-1358, 2022
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