Gerzabek Martin H.
Gerzabek Martin H.
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Characterization of slow pyrolysis biochars: effects of feedstocks and pyrolysis temperature on biochar properties
S Kloss, F Zehetner, A Dellantonio, R Hamid, F Ottner, V Liedtke, ...
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The Multiradical Character of One‐and Two‐Dimensional Graphene Nanoribbons
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FTIR‐spectroscopic characterization of humic acids and humin fractions obtained by advanced NaOH, Na4P2O7, and Na2CO3 extraction procedures
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Remediation of contaminated agricultural soils near a former Pb/Zn smelter in Austria: batch, pot and field experiments
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Solvent effects on hydrogen bonds a theoretical study
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Rhizosphere bacteria affected by transgenic potatoes with antibacterial activities compared with the effects of soil, wild-type potatoes, vegetation stage and pathogen exposure
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