Rachael Grazioplene
Rachael Grazioplene
Postdoctoral Associate
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Neuroimaging creativity: a psychometric view
R Arden, RS Chavez, R Grazioplene, RE Jung
Behavioural brain research 214 (2), 143-156, 2010
Openness to experience and intellect differentially predict creative achievement in the arts and sciences
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CG DeYoung, RG Grazioplene, JB Peterson
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Functional coherence of insula networks is associated with externalizing behavior.
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RG Grazioplene, RS Chavez, A Rustichini, CG DeYoung
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Connectivity-enhanced diffusion analysis reveals white matter density disruptions in first episode and chronic schizophrenia
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They who dream by day": parallels between Openness to Experience and dreaming
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Structural correlates of the orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala and personality in female adolescents
L Delaparte, E Bartlett, R Grazioplene, G Perlman, J Gardus, ...
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Apophenia as the Disposition to False Positives: A Unifying Framework for Positive Symptoms across the Openness-Psychoticism Spectrum
SD Blain, J Longenecker, R Grazioplene, C DeYoung
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Personality, psychosis, and connectivity: Neuroimaging endophenotypes in the psychotic spectrum
R Grazioplene
Disconnected minds, open minds: White matter correlates of high Openness support a dimensional model of psychosis
RG Grazioplene, RS Chavez, CG DeYoung
Personality and Individual Differences 60, S29, 2014
Toward a Neural Model of the Openness-Psychoticism Dimension: Functional Connectivity in the Default and Frontoparietal Control Networks
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Birth of a field: Neuroscience of creativity: Adam S. Bristol, Oshin Vartanian, & James C. Kaufman, MIT Press, 2013: Hardcover, 314 pages; ISBN: 978-0-262-01958-3
CG DeYoung, RG Grazioplene
Applied Neuropsychology: Adult 26 (4), 397-399, 2019
85. Diffusion Imaging of White Matter Pathways in Schizophrenia: Are Illness-Linked Changes Progressive?
R Grazioplene, C Bearden, K Subotnik, J Ventura, MF Green, ...
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An Observational Analysis of Dinner Meals to Identify Factors That Influence Vegetable Intake in Children
A Swenson, T Leak, Z Vickers, M Reicks
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S Abram, K Wisner, R Grazioplene, C DeYoung, A MacDonald
BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 75 (9), 363S-364S, 2014
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