Jacek Krol
Jacek Krol
Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB)
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The widespread regulation of microRNA biogenesis, function and decay
J Krol, I Loedige, W Filipowicz
Nature Reviews Genetics 11 (9), 597-610, 2010
Characterizing light-regulated retinal microRNAs reveals rapid turnover as a common property of neuronal microRNAs
J Krol, V Busskamp, I Markiewicz, MB Stadler, S Ribi, J Richter, J Duebel, ...
Cell 141 (4), 618-631, 2010
Decreased levels of microRNA miR-122 in individuals with hepatitis C responding poorly to interferon therapy
M Sarasin-Filipowicz, J Krol, I Markiewicz, MH Heim, W Filipowicz
Nature medicine 15 (1), 31-33, 2009
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J Krol, K Sobczak, U Wilczynska, M Drath, A Jasinska, D Kaczynska, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (40), 42230-42239, 2004
Ribonuclease dicer cleaves triplet repeat hairpins into shorter repeats that silence specific targets
J Krol, A Fiszer, A Mykowska, K Sobczak, M de Mezer, WJ Krzyzosiak
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RNA structure of trinucleotide repeats associated with human neurological diseases
K Sobczak, M de Mezer, G Michlewski, J Krol, WJ Krzyzosiak
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J Starega-Roslan, J Krol, E Koscianska, P Kozlowski, WJ Szlachcic, ...
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GG Rodney, CP Moore, BY Williams, JZ Zhang, J Krol, SE Pedersen, ...
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miRNAs 182 and 183 are necessary to maintain adult cone photoreceptor outer segments and visual function
V Busskamp, J Krol, D Nelidova, J Daum, T Szikra, B Tsuda, J Jüttner, ...
Neuron 83 (3), 586-600, 2014
Structural Diversity of Triplet Repeat RNAs*♦
K Sobczak, G Michlewski, M de Mezer, E Kierzek, J Krol, M Olejniczak, ...
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Congenital nystagmus gene FRMD7 is necessary for establishing a neuronal circuit asymmetry for direction selectivity
K Yonehara, M Fiscella, A Drinnenberg, F Esposti, S Trenholm, J Krol, ...
Neuron 89 (1), 177-193, 2016
Targeting neuronal and glial cell types with synthetic promoter AAVs in mice, non-human primates and humans
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Nature Neuroscience 22 (8), 1345-1356, 2019
A network comprising short and long noncoding RNAs and RNA helicase controls mouse retina architecture
J Krol, I Krol, CPP Alvarez, M Fiscella, A Hierlemann, B Roska, ...
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Cell types of the human retina and its organoids at single-cell resolution
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Virus stamping for targeted single-cell infection in vitro and in vivo
R Schubert, S Trenholm, K Balint, G Kosche, CS Cowan, MA Mohr, ...
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The microRNA cluster miR-183/96/182 contributes to long-term memory in a protein phosphatase 1-dependent manner
BT Woldemichael, A Jawaid, EA Kremer, N Gaur, J Krol, A Marchais, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
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J Krol, WJ Krzyzosiak
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Cell types of the human retina and its organoids at single-cell resolution: developmental convergence, transcriptomic identity, and disease map
CS Cowan, M Renner, B Gross-Scherf, D Goldblum, M Munz, J Krol, ...
Rods feed cones to keep them alive
J Krol, B Roska
Cell 161 (4), 706-708, 2015
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