Ana Priscila Alves
Ana Priscila Alves
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Biosppy: Biosignal processing in python
C Carreiras, AP Alves, A Lourenço, F Canento, H Silva, A Fred
Accessed on 3 (28), 2018, 2015
Chitosan-montmorillonite biocomposite as an adsorbent for copper (II) cations from aqueous solutions
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BioSPPy: Biosignal Processing in Python. 2015
C Carreiras, AP Alves, A Lourenço, F Canento, H Silva, A Fred, H Ball, ...
URL https://github. com/PIA-Group/BioSPPy, 2018
CardioWheel: ECG biometrics on the steering wheel
A Lourenço, AP Alves, C Carreiras, RP Duarte, A Fred
Joint European conference on machine learning and knowledge discovery in …, 2015
BITtalino: A Biosignal Acquisition System based on the Arduino.
AP Alves, H Silva, A Lourenco, ALN Fred
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Niobium oxide catalysts as emerging material for textile wastewater reuse: photocatalytic decolorization of azo dyes
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A web-based platform for biosignal visualization and annotation
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BioSPPy: Biosignal processing in Python https://github. com/PIA-Group
C Carreiras, AP Alves, A Lourenço, F Canento, H Silva, A Fred
BioSPPy/(Accessed: December 2018), 2015
Configurable thermal induced triggers for crashworthiness application
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Appl. Clay Sci.
SSG Santos, HRM Silva, AG Souza, APM Alves, EC Silva Filho, ...
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