Elphège P. Nora
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Spatial partitioning of the regulatory landscape of the X-inactivation centre
EP Nora, BR Lajoie, EG Schulz, L Giorgetti, I Okamoto, N Servant, T Piolot, ...
Nature 485 (7398), 381-385, 2012
Targeted degradation of CTCF decouples local insulation of chromosome domains from genomic compartmentalization
EP Nora, A Goloborodko, AL Valton, JH Gibcus, A Uebersohn, ...
Cell 169 (5), 930-944. e22, 2017
Predictive polymer modeling reveals coupled fluctuations in chromosome conformation and transcription
L Giorgetti, R Galupa, EP Nora, T Piolot, F Lam, J Dekker, G Tiana, ...
Cell 157 (4), 950-963, 2014
Regulation of X-chromosome inactivation by the X-inactivation centre
S Augui, EP Nora, E Heard
Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (6), 429-442, 2011
CTCF and cohesin in genome folding and transcriptional gene regulation
M Merkenschlager, EP Nora
Annual review of genomics and human genetics 17, 17-43, 2016
The inactive X chromosome adopts a unique three-dimensional conformation that is dependent on Xist RNA
E Splinter, E de Wit, EP Nora, P Klous, HJG van de Werken, Y Zhu, ...
Genes & development 25 (13), 1371-1383, 2011
RNA interference guides histone modification during the S phase of chromosomal replication
A Kloc, M Zaratiegui, E Nora, R Martienssen
Current Biology 18 (7), 490-495, 2008
The pluripotent genome in three dimensions is shaped around pluripotency factors
E De Wit, BAM Bouwman, Y Zhu, P Klous, E Splinter, MJAM Verstegen, ...
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Sensing X chromosome pairs before X inactivation via a novel X-pairing region of the Xic
S Augui, GJ Filion, S Huart, E Nora, M Guggiari, M Maresca, AF Stewart, ...
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Segmental folding of chromosomes: a basis for structural and regulatory chromosomal neighborhoods?
EP Nora, J Dekker, E Heard
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HiTC: exploration of high-throughput ‘C’experiments
N Servant, BR Lajoie, EP Nora, L Giorgetti, CJ Chen, E Heard, J Dekker, ...
Bioinformatics 28 (21), 2843-2844, 2012
Polycomb regulates mesoderm cell fate-specification in embryonic stem cells through activation and repression mechanisms
L Morey, A Santanach, E Blanco, L Aloia, EP Nora, BG Bruneau, ...
Cell stem cell 17 (3), 300-315, 2015
Identifying cis elements for spatiotemporal control of mammalian DNA replication
J Sima, A Chakraborty, V Dileep, M Michalski, KN Klein, NP Holcomb, ...
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RNA interactions are essential for CTCF-mediated genome organization
R Saldaña-Meyer, J Rodriguez-Hernaez, T Escobar, M Nishana, ...
Molecular cell 76 (3), 412-422. e5, 2019
Investigating the transcriptional control of cardiovascular development
IS Kathiriya, EP Nora, BG Bruneau
Circulation research 116 (4), 700-714, 2015
RUNX transcription factor-mediated association of Cd4 and Cd8 enables coordinate gene regulation
A Collins, SL Hewitt, J Chaumeil, ML Sellars, M Micsinai, J Allinne, ...
Immunity 34 (3), 303-314, 2011
Higher-order looping and nuclear organization of Tcra facilitate targeted rag cleavage and regulated rearrangement in recombination centers
J Chaumeil, M Micsinai, P Ntziachristos, L Deriano, JMH Wang, Y Ji, ...
Cell reports 3 (2), 359-370, 2013
Chromatin structure and nuclear organization dynamics during X-chromosome inactivation
EP Nora, E Heard
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology 75, 333-344, 2010
The bipartite TAD organization of the X-inactivation center ensures opposing developmental regulation of Tsix and Xist
JG van Bemmel, R Galupa, C Gard, N Servant, C Picard, J Davies, ...
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CTCF confers local nucleosome resiliency after DNA replication and during mitosis
N Owens, T Papadopoulou, N Festuccia, A Tachtsidi, I Gonzalez, ...
Elife 8, e47898, 2019
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